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Construction Workers at Sunset


Licensed Professionals

Speedman Construction was founded to address a need that today's market expects - speed. As the saying goes, "time is gold," so do the expectation of customers. Time is valued so much that the notion of "rush" is a norm in everyday conversations. The final output of any project is not the construction per se but the turnover of the project. It is the acceptance of the customer. This understanding is where the foundation of Speedman was built upon.
Speed also does not mean quality is compromised. In fact, successful companies around the world are constantly meeting both speed and quality standards. Just look at Apple and Google. These companies continuously deliver great, quality products all the time. Have you ever heard of them missing products launches? Speed and quality do go together.
Filipinos generally have a bad habit - the "pwede na yan" mentality. Pursuing excellence is not ingrained in our culture. This is not the case for Speedman though. Every project is attended to by experienced project managers to ensure that nothing but excellence is executed in each step of the project.
Speed, quality, and excellence -- are the building blocks that make up Speedman. Take a look at our previous projects that demonstrate these qualities.

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